Criteria class

namespace: Serenity.Data   assemblySerenity.Net.Data

An object that is used to create criterias by employing operator overloading features of C# language, instead of using string based criterias.

public class Criteria : BaseCriteria

Public Members

name description
Criteria(…) Creates a new criteria with given condition. This condition is usually a field name, but it can also be a criteria text pre-generated. (9 constructors)
static Bracket(…) Creates a new criteria containing field name in brackets.
Expression { get; } Gets the criteria expression.
override IsEmpty { get; } Gets if criteria is empty.
override ToString(…) Converts the criteria to its string representation while adding its parameters to the target query.
static readonly Empty An empty criteria instance
static readonly False The false criteria instance (0 = 1)
static readonly True The true criteria instance (1 = 1)
static Exists(…) Creates a new EXISTS criteria (2 methods)

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