NavigationItemAttribute class

namespace: Serenity.Navigation   assemblySerenity.Net.Web

Navigation item attribute

[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Assembly, AllowMultiple = true)]
public abstract class NavigationItemAttribute : Attribute

Public Members

name description
Category { get; set; } This is full path of its parent, e.g. A/B for A/B/C
FullPath { get; set; } The full path to navigation item like A/B/C This is used to generate local text key for this item like Navigation.A/B/C
IconClass { get; set; } Icon class
ItemClass { get; set; } Extra css class to apply to its navigation element e.g. LI
Order { get; set; } Gets / sets the order (only) among its siblings.
Permission { get; set; } Permission required to view this navigation item
Target { get; set; } Window target to open this link, e.g. _blank etc.
Title { get; set; } Title of the navigation item. It is the part after last slash, e.g. C for A/B/C
Url { get; set; } Url of this navigation item, should be null for menu
static GetPermissionFromController(…) Tries to extract permission from a controller action
static GetUrlFromController(…) Tries to extract URL from a controller action

Protected Members

name description
NavigationItemAttribute(…) Creates a new instance of the attribute (2 constructors)

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