CssBundlingOptions class

namespace: Serenity.Web   assemblySerenity.Net.Web

Options for css bundling

public class CssBundlingOptions : IOptions<CssBundlingOptions>

Public Members

name description
CssBundlingOptions() Creates a new instance of the class
Bundles { get; set; } Gets / sets the list of bundles and their contents
Enabled { get; set; } Gets / sets if CSS bundling is enabled
Minimize { get; set; } Gets / sets the minimization flag. When true, CSS files are minified and their minified versions are used in bundles etc.
NoMinimize { get; set; } A list of relative paths to not minify
Replacements { get; set; } Replacement dictionary for placeholders in bundle contents, like etc.
UseMinCSS { get; set; } Should a ".min.css" file that exists in file system be used if available, instead of minifiying the file in memory.
Value { get; } Returns this object.
const SectionKey Default section key for this option class

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