CouchbaseDistributedCache Class

[namespace: Serenity.Caching, assembly: Serenity.Caching.Couchbase]

Couchbase is a distributed database that has Memcached like access interface.

You can get Serenity implementation for this server type in Serenity.Caching.Couchbase NuGet package.

Once you register it with the service locator:

    .RegisterInstance<IDistributedCache>(new CouchbaseDistributedCache())

You can configure CouchbaseDistributedCache in application configuration file (with JSON format):

    <add key="DistributedCache" value='{
        ServerAddress: "",
        BucketName: "primary-bucket",
        KeyPrefix: ""
    }' />

Here ServerAddress is Couchbase server address and BucketName is the bucket name.

If you wanted to use same server / bucket for more than one application you can put something like DEV:, TEST: into KeyPrefix setting.