ILocalTextRegistry Interface

[namespace: Serenity.Abstractions, assembly: Serenity.Core]

LocalText class accesses translations for local text keys through the provider for this interface.

public interface ILocalTextRegistry
    string TryGet(string languageID, string key);
    void Add(string languageID, string key, string text);

ILocalTextRegistry.TryGet Method

Gets translation for the specified key in requested language.

Current language is determined by CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture.

It is providers responsibility to check language fallbacks for the key, if a translation is not found in requested language.

This method returns null if no translation is found in the language hierarchy (from requested language down to invariant language).

ILocalTextRegistry.Add Method

Adds a translation to the local text table which is internally hold by the local text registry.

The local text table is an in-memory table (dictionary) like:

Key LanguageID Text (Translation)
Dialogs.YesButton en Yes
Dialogs.YesButton tr Evet
Dialogs.NoButton en No
Dialogs.NoButton tr Hayır

This method doesn't throw an exception if same key/language ID pair is added twice. It simply overrides existing translation.