FieldFlags enumeration

namespace: Serenity.Data   assemblySerenity.Net.Data

Flags that determine basic properties of a field

public enum FieldFlags


name value description
None 0x0 No flags set.
Internal 0x0 Internal fields are equal to no flags set.
Insertable 0x1 Can a value be set on INSERT? Server side calculated fields (like identity) shouldn't have this flag.
Updatable 0x2 Can it be set on UPDATE? Server side calculated fields (like identity) shouldn't have this flag.
NotNull 0x4 Can it have a null or empty value?
PrimaryKey 0x8 Field is a member of primary key.
AutoIncrement 0x10 Auto incrementing field.
Foreign 0x20 It is a field originating from another table through a join. e.g. view field.
Calculated 0x40 Calculated field.
Reflective 0x80 Just reflects another field value (e.g. negative/absolute version of it), so doesn't have client and server side storage of its own, and setting it just sets another field.
ClientSide 0x100 Field which is just a container to use in client side code (might also be client side calculated / reflective).
NotMapped 0x100 Property which is not mapped to a SQL field / expression.
Trim 0x200 Should be trimmed (empty string as null) before setting its value.
TrimToEmpty 0x600 Should be trimmed to (null to empty string) before setting its value.
DenyFiltering 0x800 Deny filtering on this field.
Unique 0x1000 Values should be unique.
Default 0x203 These are default flags unless specified otherwise. Insertable, updatable and nullable and trimmed (to null).
Required 0x207 Default flags with NotNull included.
Identity 0x1C An identity primary key field with auto incrementing value.

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