Setting TenantId For New Users

While logged in with Tenant2, try to create a new user, User2.

You won't get any error but by surprise, you won't see the newly created user in list. What happened to User2?

As we set default value for TenantId to 1 in migrations, now User2 has 1 as TenantId and is a member of Primary Tenant.

We have to set new users TenantId to same value with logged in user.

Modify SetInternalFields method of UserSaveHandler like below:

protected override void SetInternalFields()

    if (IsCreate)
        Row.Source = "site";
        Row.IsActive = Row.IsActive ?? 1;
        if (!Permissions.HasPermission(PermissionKeys.Tenants) ||
            Row.TenantId == null)
            Row.TenantId = User.GetTenantId();

    if (IsCreate || !Row.Password.IsEmptyOrNull())
        string salt = null;
        Row.PasswordHash = GenerateHash(password, ref salt);
        Row.PasswordSalt = salt;

Here, we set TenantId to the same value with current user, unless he has tenant administration permission.

Now try to create a new user User2b and this time you'll see him on the list.