Installing Serene From Visual Studio Marketplace

Downloading Template

Open URL below in your browser:

Visual Studio Marketplace Download

Click Download to transfer VSIX file to your computer.

You need Visual Studio 2019 to run Serene as ASP.NET Core 5 SDK only supports Visual Studio 2019 with latest updates.

There is also an ASP.NET MVC version that could run in Visual Studio 2017 but it is obsolete, not supported and not updated anymore.

Install Template into Visual Studio

After download is finished, double click the downloaded VSIX file to start Visual Studio extension installation dialog

VSIX Installation

Click Install when prompted.

VSIX Installation

Note that this application template requires Visual Studio 2019 or higher. Make you sure you have the latest Visual Studio updates installed.

Creating a New Project in Visual Studio

Start Visual Studio (if it was already open, restart it). Click File => New Project. You should see Serene template under Templates => Visual C# section.

VSIX New Project

Please use one named SERENE if you have both SERENE and SERENE (ASP.NET MVC - Obsolete). SERENE is the ASP.NET CORE version, and is the recommended one.

Name your application something like MyCompany, MyProduct, HelloWorld or leave the default Serene1.

Please don't name it Serenity. It may conflict with other Serenity assemblies.

Please use Pascal casing, e.g. a name that starts with a Capital Letter. Don't name your project something like myProject.

Click OK.

Feature Selection

Serene will prompt you to choose features you would like to see.

Feature Selection

All of these features / samples are optional. Initially we recommend you to leave them all checked so that you might have a look at how they are implemented.

After having some experience with Serene, you might create a new application and clear all these checkboxes to have a bare minimum project.

Choose features you like, click OK and take a break while Visual Studio creates the solution.