Getting Started

The best and fastest way to get your hands dirty on Serenity is SERENE, which is a starter application template.

Premium customers can also use StartSharp template which they can download from https://serenity-is members area.

You have three options to install SERENE template:

Please check prerequisites below before trying to install Serene.


Visual Studio Version

The application requires Visual Studio 2019+ with most recent updates installed. .NET CORE 5 SDK is also only supported in Visual Studio 2019+.

An alternative option is to use command line to create projects and use Visual Studio Code if you don't have access to Visual Studio 2019+.

Please install .NET Core 5 SDK from:

Visual Studio TypeScript Extension

As of writing, the recommended version of TypeScript is 4.0+

The project comes with a reference to a recent version of Microsoft.TypeScript.MsBuild package and it is supposed to be used by Visual Studio 2019+ automatically.

You may also check for information on updating your TypeScript.

NodeJS / NPM

NodeJS / NPM is used for following:

  • TypeScript typings (.d.ts) for libraries like jQuery, Bootstrap etc.
  • Less compilation (lessjs)
  • Code generation through Sergen by parsing TypeScript sources

NodeJS and NPM LTS (Long Term Support) versions are required and you may download from

The application will check their versions on project creation and ask for confirmation to download and install them. Anyway, please check your versions manually by opening a command prompt:

> npm -v
> node -v

If you get an error, they might not be installed or not in path. Also confirm that versions listed are higher than ones shown above.

Visual Studio and External Web Tool Paths

Even if you have correct Node / NPM installed, Visual Studio might still be trying to use its own integrated, and older version of NodeJS.

Click Tools => Options, and then under Projects and Solutions => External Web Tools add C:\Program Files\nodejs to the top of the list by clicking plus folder icon, typing C:\Program Files\nodejs and using Up Arrow to move it to the start:

VS External Tools Path