StartSharp is the premium version of our free Serene application template.

It includes everything that Serene has, in addition to extra samples, features, integrations and modules.

Premium Packages

Our premium packages that include the StartSharp template are available for purchase at

Currently, four levels are offered: Basic, Freelancer, Business and Enterprise.

They also contain varying levels of premium support, except the Basic level which doesn't include support.

Let's first explain what you get with these premium packages.

Commercial Licence

Serene Template and Serenity itself have a permissive MIT licence which allows usage in open-source, commercial and proprietary applications.

StartSharp, which is also based on Serenity, comes with a commercial licence, that allows you to use it with any number of commercial applications/sites (except the Basic level which allows only one application)

You are not allowed to use StartSharp content in an open source application as it would mean open sourcing StartSharp itself.

StartSharp is licenced per seat/developer.

Basic and Freelancer levels come with one license and allow just one developer to use StartSharp. These levels are only suitable for single/freelance developers.

You are allowed to use the Basic level licence for only one application/project. If you are planning to write multiple applications, you should consider Freelancer or higher levels.

The Business level comes with 3 seats/developers licences, while Enterprise includes 5 seats/developers licences.

Even though it is possible to buy multiple Freelancer licences, we recommend Business or Enterprise as they are more cost effective.

We also offer volume licencing discounts. Contact us at for more information.

Private Support Desk

You get prioritized e-mail support from our core developers, with a guaranteed initial response time of 72 / 48 / 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) based on your support level.

Basic level doesn't contain any support.

This guaranteed response time is for a certain number of issues (as a fair use policy) based on support level:

  • Freelancer: 72 hours for first 10 Incidents
  • Business: 48 hours for first 15 Incidents
  • Enterprise: 24 hours for first 20 Incidents

This doesn't mean you won't receive an answer to your further incidents, response is just not guaranteed within specified time.

Initial response time specified excludes weekends and public holidays.

Live Credits

These are hours that you can use to get direct remote support from our developers.

We recommend using these credits for troubleshooting; so that you can save your precious hours/days by letting us handle the problem in a few minutes.

You may also use these hours for custom development, additional features etc.

It's also possible to buy additional hours, and our premium members get a discount over the average fee.

Basic and Freelancer don't contain any live credits.

The Business level comes with 3 hours of live credits, while Enterprise has 5 hours.

Access to Full Source Code

All levels except the Basic provide access to the StartSharp GitHub repository with full source code.

Expiration and Renewals

The packages you buy provide access to the StartSharp repository, updates and premium support for 12 months (except Basic).

Once that period ends, we won't auto-renew your subscription and you'll receive an e-mail from us with a discounted renewal offer (usually around 25%).

If you choose to not renew, you'll only lose access to StartSharp source code, updates and premium support.

You'll be keeping your StartSharp licence and continue using versions of StartSharp released during your subscription period.

Your existing projects will continue to work, and you can still create new projects using your downloaded version of StartSharp.

StartSharp Premium Features

The features listed below are only available in StartSharp):

You may access this feature list in order also from the left navigation under StartSharp/Features, or by clicking Next Page button on bottom right of this page.

These features are available to use for every level starting from Basic.

Freelancer, Business and Enterprise customers can customize the features by copying the projects as they have access to the source code.

Basic customers can only use these features as-is via NuGet package references.

StartSharp Enterprise Features

Currently, only Enterprise customers have access to our mobile/desktop application samples built with Flutter and MAUI (in progress).

They demonstrate integration with a Serenity-based web application via API services and include the WorkLog module as an example.

You may try these applications via Apple/PlayStore links on our demo login page (