Premium Themes

StartSharp contains 3 premium themes:

  • Azure (Light)
  • Cosmos (Dark)
  • Glassy (Light)

You might have a look at our premium themes in our demo at

Here are some screenshots

Azure Light (default theme for StartSharp)

Azure Light Dashboard

Azure Light Grid

Azure Light Form

Cosmos Dark

Cosmos Dark Dashboard

Cosmos Dark Grid

Cosmos Dark Form

Glassy Light (translucent theme)

Glassy Light Dashboard Glassy Light Grid Glassy Light Form

Creating A New Theme

All themes are based on Bootstrap, and creating a new custom theme or modifying an existing one is possible by just defining or overriding a few CSS variables:

:root.theme-mycustomred { 
    --s-card-title: #aa2519;
    --s-category-title: #c18e85;
    --s-sidebar-band-bg: #63032f;
    --s-sidebar-band-link: #ffc3b0;
    --s-sidebar-link-active: #d30a0a;
    //...other variables copied from azure light theme

Custom Red Theme