DynamicScriptServiceCollectionExtensions class

namespace: Serenity.Extensions.DependencyInjection   assemblySerenity.Net.Web

Contains DI extension methods related to dynamic script services

public static class DynamicScriptServiceCollectionExtensions

Public Members

name description
static AddContentHashCache(…) Registers the default IContentHashCache implementation.
static AddCssBundling(…) Registers the default service types related to CSS bundling, including ICssBundleManager. (2 methods)
static AddDynamicScriptManager(…) Registers he default IDynamicScriptManager implementation.
static AddDynamicScripts(…) Registers the default IDynamicScriptManager implementation in addition to the IPropertyItemProvider implementation.
static AddFileWatcherFactory(…) Registers the default IFileWatcherFactory implementation.
static AddScriptBundling(…) Registers the default service types related to Script bundling, including IScriptBundleManager. (2 methods)
static UseCssWatching(…) Actives CSS file watching (2 methods)
static UseDynamicScriptMiddleware(…) Adds DynamicScriptMiddleware to the application pipeline
static UseDynamicScripts(…) Adds dynamic script related services to the application including dynamic script types, css watching, script watching, template scripts, and dynamic script middleware
static UseDynamicScriptTypes(…) Executes registration of dynamic script types including data scripts, lookup scripts, distinct values, columns and forms.
static UseScriptWatching(…) Activates script file watching (2 methods)
static UseTemplateScripts(…) Registers template scripts (2 methods)

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