DefaultSqlConnections class

namespace: Serenity.Data   assemblySerenity.Net.Data

Default connection factory

public class DefaultSqlConnections : ISqlConnections

Public Members

name description
DefaultSqlConnections(…) Creates a new instance
ListConnectionStrings() Lists all known connections strings
virtual New(…) Creates a new IDbConnection for given connection string, provider name and dialect.
virtual NewByKey(…) Creates a new IDbConnection for given connection key.
virtual TryGetConnectionString(…) Gets a connection string by its key

Protected Members

name description
readonly connectionStrings- Connection strings
readonly loggerFactory- Logger factory
readonly profiler- Profiler
virtual CreateConnection(…) Creates an actual connection based on providerName, this should not return a wrapped connection.
virtual WrapConnection(…) Wraps and profiles the actual connection

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