Upload Antivirus Scanner

Virus Scanning Configuration

Your application can scan uploaded files for viruses using ClamAV. The settings for this can be found in appsettings.json and appsettings.Development.json.


This is disabled by default in Development environment (appsettings.Development.json) and is enabled in Production environment (appsettings.json).

If you wish to disable AV scan (at your own risk!) modify the setting as shown below:

"ClamAV": {
    "Enabled": false

It is possible to use a local ClamAV installation (default is localhost:3310) or a remote one by setting the configuration as below:

"ClamAV": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Host": "mycustomclamavhost.com",
    "Port": 3310

Common Issues

  1. Error: "An error occurred while scanning the uploaded file for viruses!"
    • Ensure ClamAV is installed and running.
    • Check the ClamAV:Enabled setting in your configuration files.
    • Check that the host / port is correct