ServiceCollectionExtensions class

namespace: Serenity.Extensions.DependencyInjection   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

Contains dependency injection extensions for IServiceCollection

public static class ServiceCollectionExtensions

Public Members

name description
static AddBaseTexts(…) Adds nested texts, enum texts, permission texts, row texts and json local text assets (2 methods)
static AddCustomRequestHandlers(…) Registers all the custom request handlers implementing IRequestHandler interface, from the type source in the service collection if available, or using the provided typeSource, optionally filtering handler types via a provided predicate.
static AddJsonTexts(…) Adds json texts from file provider and sub path
static AddProxyRequestHandlers(…) Registers proxy activators for the DI container to resolve generic request handler instances like ICreateHandler, IListHandler etc.
static AddServiceBehaviors(…) Registers default implementations of IBehaviorFactory, IImplicitBehaviorRegistry and IBehaviorProvider
static AddServiceHandlerFactory(…) Registers default implementations of IHandlerActivator, IDefaultHandlerFactory and IDefaultHandlerRegistry
static AddServiceHandlers(…) Registers all the services required for request handlers

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