IHtmlToPdfOptions interface

namespace: Serenity.Reporting   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

Set of options for HTML to PDF converter (WKHTMLToPdf)

public interface IHtmlToPdfOptions


name description
AdditionalUrls { get; } Optional list of URLs that should be converted and appended to the document
AllowedLocalPaths { get; } List of allowed local folder (or file) paths
Cookies { get; } Contains cookies that will be sent to target URL
CustomArgs { get; } A list of custom arguments to pass to HTML to PDF converter
DisableLocalFileAccess { get; set; } Disables local file access, default is true
Dpi { get; set; } Document DPI. Default is unspecified.
FooterHeaderReplace { get; } A set of key value pairs that should be search replaced in footer and header
FooterHtmlUrl { get; set; } Url of footer HTML page
HeaderHtmlUrl { get; set; } Url of header HTML page
Landscape { get; set; } Landscape page layout. Default is false.
MarginBottom { get; set; } Page bottom margin, default is unspecified.
MarginLeft { get; set; } Page left margin, default is unspecified.
MarginRight { get; set; } Page right margin, default is unspecified.
MarginsAll { set; } Use this to set all margins (left, right, bottom, top) at once
MarginTop { get; set; } Page top margin, default is unspecified.
PageHeight { get; set; } Page height like 15cm. Default value is unspecified.
PageSize { get; set; } Page size constant like "A4", "Letter" etc. Default value is A4
PageWidth { get; set; } Page width like 21cm. Default value is unspecified.
PrintBackground { get; set; } Print background image if any (default true)
SmartShrinking { get; set; } Use smart shrinking. Default is false.
TimeoutSeconds { get; set; } Timeout for converter in seconds (default 300 seconds / 5 min)
Url { get; set; } The URL that is being converted
UsePrintMediaType { get; set; } Use Print media type to render document (default true)
Zoom { get; set; } Zoom value like "0.33". Default is unspecified.

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