ReportRenderOptions class

namespace: Serenity.Reporting   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

Render request a report

public class ReportRenderOptions

Public Members

name description
ReportRenderOptions() The default constructor.
ExportFormat { get; set; } The requested export format if specified, like "xlsx", "html", "html", "pdf" etc. This is only useful for cases where a report can be rendered to multiple types.
PreviewMode { get; set; } Gets / set if rendering in preview mode, only useful for HTML output
ReportKey { get; set; } The report key, if it is not specified in report type as an attribute. Will be ignored if report will be rendered directly, e.g. not via a callback.
ReportParams { get; set; } The set of report params usually a serialized JSON object to be passed to the URL callback. These params should already be applied to the passed report instance. Will be ignored if the report is rendered directly, e.g. without a callback.

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