TabularDataReport class

namespace: Serenity.Reporting   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

An implementation of a data only report which is used mainly for Excel export.

public class TabularDataReport : IDataOnlyReport

Public Members

name description
TabularDataReport(…) Creates an instance of the class. (3 constructors)
virtual GetColumnList()
virtual GetData()
const CacheGroupKey A group key for caching
static FromPropertyItem(…) Creates a ReportColumn from a PropertyItem
static GetColumnListFor(…) Extracts report columns from a columns type

Protected Members

name description
TabularDataReport() Creates an instance of the class.
ColumnList { get; set; } The column list
ColumnsType { get; set; } Columns type to use for export. This is used to determine the list of columns and their formats, decorator types etc.
Data { get; set; } The report data
ExportColumns { get; set; } List of columns to export. If ColumnsType or ColumnList is passed this is used to subset the columns. Otherwise it contains the list of columns to export.
ServiceProvider { get; set; } Service provider.

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