IListBehavior interface

namespace: Serenity.Services   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

A list behavior that can be used as a mixin within a ListRequestHandler lifecycle

public interface IListBehavior


name description
OnAfterExecuteQuery(…) Called after query is sent to database
OnApplyFilters(…) Called when filters are applied to query
OnBeforeExecuteQuery(…) Called just before query is sent to database
OnPrepareQuery(…) Called when query to is built
OnReturn(…) Called before handler is returning the result
OnValidateRequest(…) Called when list request is validated


A list behavior instance is always cached and reused across requests, so make sure you don't store anything in private variables, and its operation is thread-safe. If you need to pass some state between events, use handler's StateBag.

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