IUploadStorage interface

namespace: Serenity.Web   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

Abstraction for an upload storage

public interface IUploadStorage


name description
ArchiveFile(…) Copies the file to the archive folder
CopyFrom(…) Copies a file from another upload storage and returns the resulting file path
DeleteFile(…) Deletes the file at path
FileExists(…) Returns if a file at path exists
GetFileMetadata(…) Gets metadata dictionary for a file
GetFiles(…) Gets list of files matching a search pattern
GetFileSize(…) Gets file size
GetFileUrl(…) Gets the URL for a file
OpenFile(…) Opens a file stream. The caller should dispose the stream.
PurgeTemporaryFiles() Purges temporary files. Only useful for temporary storage.
SetFileMetadata(…) Sets file metadata for a file
WriteFile(…) Writes a file

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