HtmlReportRenderUrl class

namespace: Serenity.Reporting   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

Response type for IHtmlReportRenderUrlBuilder.GetRenderUrl method

public class HtmlReportRenderUrl : IDisposable

Public Members

name description
HtmlReportRenderUrl() Creates a new instance of the class
CookiesToForward { get; } List of cookies to forward
FooterUrl { get; set; } The generated URL for footer content
HeaderUrl { get; set; } The generated URL for header content
Url { get; set; } The generated URL for main page
Dispose() Disposes resources
virtual GetTemporaryFolders() Gets the list of temporary folders if any. This can be used to pass them to WKHTMLTOPDF's --allow argument.

Protected Members

name description
virtual Cleanup() Cleanup method that can be overridden by derived classes.
override Finalize() Finalizer

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