ListRequest class

namespace: Serenity.Services   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

The request model for a List service.

public class ListRequest : ServiceRequest, IIncludeExcludeColumns

Public Members

name description
ListRequest() The default constructor.
ColumnSelection { get; set; } Group of columns to select. This is ColumnSelection.List, e.g. only the table fields, not view fields by default.
ContainsField { get; set; } If specified, the text is only searched in this column. The column should still have a QuickSearchAttribute.
ContainsText { get; set; } The text to search in columns with the QuickSearchAttribute.
Criteria { get; set; } The where criteria for the query. This is passed as an array of arrays in the JSON.
DistinctFields { get; set; } Distinct set of columns. If set a DISTINCT query is used, and only these columns can be returned from the query.
EqualityFilter { get; set; } A dictionary of field name / value pairs used to filter those fields by the passed value. Please note that "NULL" values are ignored, so you can't filter a field with a NULL value.
ExcludeColumns { get; set; }
ExcludeTotalCount { get; set; } Exclude the total count from the result. Set this to true if you don't need the total number of records when Skip / Take parameters are passed. Otherwise, a second query will be required to get number of total records.
ExportColumns { get; set; } Gets or sets the set of columns to export. This should only be used to specify list of columns for contexts like Excel export etc.
IncludeColumns { get; set; }
IncludeDeleted { get; set; } Include the deleted records. Default is false. This is only supported by services and entities that implement soft delete, e.g. IsActive etc.
Skip { get; set; } Number of records to skip
Sort { get; set; } Columns to sort returned records by
Take { get; set; } Number of records to take

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