BaseCriteriaVisitor class

namespace: Serenity.Data   assemblySerenity.Net.Data

A visitor implementation for BaseCriteria object trees.

public abstract class BaseCriteriaVisitor

Protected Members

name description
BaseCriteriaVisitor() Initializes a new instance of the BaseCriteriaVisitor class.
virtual Visit(…) Visits the specified criteria.
virtual VisitBinary(…) Visits the binary criteria. Binary criteria is one with two operands and an operator between.
virtual VisitCriteria(…) Visits the criteria returning potentially reworked version.
virtual VisitParam(…) Visits the parameter criteria. Parameter criteria is just a parameter name.
virtual VisitUnary(…) Visits the unary criteria. Unary criteria is one with one operand and one operator.
virtual VisitValue(…) Visits the value criteria. Value criteria is just a constant value.

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