UploadStorageExtensions class

namespace: Serenity.Web   assemblySerenity.Net.Services

Extension methods for IUploadStorage and related classes

public static class UploadStorageExtensions

Public Members

name description
static CopyTemporaryFile(…) Copies a temporary file to its target location
static CreateAdditionalThumbs(…) Creates additional thumbs if specified in the upload image options, and saves them to the target upload storage
static CreateDefaultThumb(…) Creates the default thumbnail for image if the size is provided in the upload image options (ThumbWidth and ThumbHeight >= 0) and saves it to the target upload storage file
static GetOriginalName(…) Gets original name of a file
static GetThumbnailUrl(…) Gets thumbnail URL for the file path
static ReadAllFileBytes(…) Reads all file bytes
static ScaleImage(…) Scales the temporary image with provided upload image options if required based on the options and saves the result to the target upload storage file
static ScaleImageAndCreateAllThumbs(…) Depending on the image upload options, scales image, creates default and additional thumbs and saves them to the upload storage files.
static ScaleImageAs(…) Scales an image and saves it to an upload storage file
static SetOriginalName(…) Sets original name for a file

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